Classes Available

Current Timetable

Please contact us before attending a class for the first time to ensure no changes have been made to the timetable and the class is not fully booked.

MONDAY: (At Northborough Village Hall)

5.15-6pm Streetdance

TUESDAY: (At Werrington Leisure Centre)

Studio 1

5.00pm-5.45pm Standard 3 Ballet

5.45pm-6.30pm Standard 4 Ballet

6.30pm-7.15pm Intermediate Ballet

7.20pm-8.05pm Standard 5 Ballet

Studio 2

5.45pm-6.30pm Grade 3 Tap

6.30pm-7.15pm Grade 4 Tap

7.15pm-8pm Intermediate Tap

WEDNESDAY: (At Werrington Leisure Centre)

Studio 1

5pm-5.45pm Standard 5 Ballet (Including Pointe Work)

5.45pm-6.45pm Grade 5 Modern

6.45pm-7.45pm Intermediate Ballet (Including Pointe Work)

Studio 2

5pm- 5.55pm Intermediate Modern

6.15pm-6.45pm Intermediate Ballet Exam Prep

7pm-8pm Grade 4 Modern

THURSDAY: (At Arthur Mellows Fitness Suite)

4.15pm-4.45pm Grade 1 Modern

4.45pm-5.30pm Grade 1 Tap

5.30pm-6.15pm Grade 2 Modern

6.15pm-7pm Grade 2 Tap

7pm-7.45pm Grade 3 Modern

SATURDAY: (At Werrington Leisure Centre)

9.45am-10.30am Pre Primary Ballet

10.30am-11.15am Primary Ballet

11.15am-12.00pm Standard 1 Ballet

12.00pm-12.45pm Standard 2 Ballet

12.45pm-1.20pm Beginners Infant Ballet

2pm Onwards Party Bookings